Optimised Listings

We help connect brands with customers through intelligent content


is one of the most neglected part of marketing in the ecom world. Most people work under the assumption that content stuffed with keywords is the best way to beat the competition. May help you rank a bit higher but the algorithm doesn’t make the purchase. Your customer does.

At ecomOrcas we focus one every aspect of the customer—what needs, wants and experiences drive them. We use this knowledge to craft the most persuasive content possible.

And yes, all content we write includes keywords. It is just that they are not stuffed in. All content we write is backed by intensive research.

Here’s what the research phase in our strategy typically looks like:

Study the product
Identify the target audience
Create customer personas
How will this product cater to the customers’ needs?
What are the customers' expectations?
What differentiates our product from the competition?

Listing Enhancement

We believe that good design can change the world 


We boast of one of the best image direction and A+ content

Check out a few of our Eye catching + Amazing aesthetics

Customers won’t ignore a beautiful product page. With the competition on Amazon at its all- time high, beautiful graphics are your best chance at grabbing their attention


Ready to take your business growth to the next level?

Unlock the potential of Amazon advertisements with the Orcas.

We have a dedicated team of digital advertising experts to help your brand with budget allocation and designed-to-succeed ad strategies

We work to provide the maximum impact with a minimum spend. We have our own specially designed formula pertaining to every category on Amazon

Be it sponsored products, sponsored brands, sponsored displays, video ads or even DSP


We have a proven track record of our advertisements campaigns providing incremental growth with sales growth uplifts of as much as 100%

Study the Product
Study the competition
Budget allocation
Keyword harvesting

We have it all covered for you


Perfecting every project is our passion.

And a business perfection always sums down to numbers.

numbers, ...right?

The Capital numbers, ...right?

At ecomOrcas we start with the basics first. Here we try to cover your every expense (even the hidden ones) into your retail pricing from the start itself. This helps to to minimise the risks of wayward numbers and makes cost cutting easier

Along with this we provide a monthly analytics sheet based on the two payment cycles comprisingof deduction in every aspects on a retail and FOB basis

Our analytics reports provides profit and loss statements of every single listings in terms of sales, advertisements, storage and returns. We even calculate the fees charged by Amazon on a regular basis and apply for a reimbursement if you are wrongly charged

With a combined Amazon marketing experience of more than 20 years, we are the agency you are looking for