About us

Our mission is to build amazing brands and have fun doing it.

The story

It all started with a simple idea between two individuals planning to make the world’s e-commerce market easily accessible to small and medium scale businesses. 

The core mission behind our work: To build memorable brands.

But Why ?

To survive? to Generate business ? yes, these are small parts and necessary too. Beacuse survival instincts too work for a business like ours.

People think Amazon is a market place with counterfeit products that is killing small businesses and jobs. In reality Amazon is just an open source marketplace and every small business plays its part in making Amazon the global marketplace it is. We are on a mission to help small businesses survive and scale as they also give back and create jobs.

is a majority of our brands are young and are founded by young people. We ourselves are a young company and can understand the pain of battling the ocean full of whales. 

The third reason is ethics. We want to prove that it is easy to win ethically. Resorting to the black hat technique is not necessary. The amazon marketplaces is no less than pyramid with every brand trying to step on the other to reach the top. We at ecomOrcas have our own code of conduct and ethics which we never violate. Nor do we resort to any such techniques which are morally incorrect. Yes, we do beat our competition but ethically.

Our second reason

We worry about the details so you don’t have to. When you work with us, you can be certain that your business is in the most capable hands

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